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National Clinicians Scholars Program Issues RFA for New Sites
Applications Due August 25, 2017

The National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) invites eligible institutions to submit an application to join NCSP as a new site. Applications are due on August 25, 2017.

Growing out of four decades of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation/Veterans Affairs Clinical Scholars Program, the NCSP is a unique two-year, site-based, interprofessional post-graduate training program for physicians and nurses. Formed by an independent group of community, health system, policy, and academic organizations, and in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the program provides mentored training in clinical, community, and health policy research, with a focus on supporting the development of change agents who will devote their careers to leading improvements in health and health care.

The inaugural sites of the NCSP – the University of California at Los Angeles, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University – invite you to become part of this national consortium that seeks to leverage its collective resources and build on more than 100 years of combined experience as former Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars program sites to train clinicians to become the next generation of leaders in health system reform and policy research.

Through the generous support of their home institutions and soliciting support through other critical partnerships, the inaugural NCSP sites have made the transition from sponsorship under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to a self-funded model.

A critical factor in gaining institutional support for this new model has been the recognition that programs such as NCSP provide immense value in recruiting, developing, and “de-risking” faculty candidates – all at a lower cost relative to a school’s typical investment in a basic scientist. Moreover, a striking observation at sites that have hosted the legacy Clinical Scholars programs is that many of their most successful senior faculty have come from those ranks. The best academic systems also recognize the need to attract and foster the most exciting faculty recruits, many of whom hope to make contributions in economics, policy, health equity, and innovation, the very areas in which programs like NCSP specialize and excel.

Beyond securing financial commitments from their home institutions, the current sites have also established partnerships with external stakeholders, such as hospitals and health care systems that may view investing in NCSP Scholars as an investment in future outstanding employees. Post-doctoral training grants are another potential source of support for Scholars, aligning the research training of the NCSP with the goals of the training grants. The funding configurations developed at each of the current NCSP sites are distinct, based on the local context and the resources available. It is expected that this would prove equally true for any new sites that were to join the consortium.

The minimum requirements to become an NCSP site include:

  • An established institutional commitment to interprofessional collaboration.
  • A School of Medicine and a School of Nursing.
  • Affiliation with and proximity to a Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
  • Links to clinical sites to support Clinician Scholars’ clinical engagement activities.
  • An established master’s-level program in a related area or a proposal for program development.
  • Explicit commitment from a cadre of qualified interprofessional faculty.
  • Explicit commitment from at least two experienced individuals—one physician, and one nurse, at a minimum—to serve as program directors.
  • Financial commitment of no less than five years.

For more information about eligibility requirements and to learn how to apply, please download the full RFA and budget template on this site as indicated below. For additional questions, please call (215) 746-3840 or email

Download the full RFA with application instructions here.
Download Table 1 Budget Template here.

RFA for New Sites: Q&A Teleconference on Friday, July 7

June 7, 2017

The National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) looks forward to taking your questions about its RFA for new sites during its upcoming teleconference on July 7, 2017. The call is open to all interested parties.

Call Details: Friday, July 7, 2017 1 pm – 2 pm EST/10 am – 11 am PST

Call-in number: (888) 240-4148
Access Code: 668142

Questions may be submitted in advance to